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10. Apr. 2012

The Premier closed Women and Girls Month in Gakenke

nullThis Thursday 5th April, 2012 the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI officially closed Women and Girls Month in Gakenke District Nothern Province.

To develop womens economy depend on the development of their capacity building and participation and contribution to the Government programs said the Premier

Prime Minister said that malnutrition in Rwanda will be eradicated by the end of this year as it was suggested in the recent Gako leadership retreat.
During the month of Women and Girls various activities were done focussing on womens health, women economic empowerment, girls education and good governance.

The ceremony was marked by different activities whereby the Prime Minister served milk and fruits to children, he also gave cows and hens to families to promote healthy nutrition in families and boost the economic status of vulnerable families  Gakenke District counted 613children with malnutrition and today the number decreased to 108 children.




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